I will get you started with an Energy Leadership Index™  to illuminate your personal development blind spots and you take it from there with my
 21 Days to Leveling Up program. 

foR people who want moRe!

a Deep dive

The Energy Leadership Index™ reveals how you are showing up energetically in your life and therefore how you lead your team, yourself, and your family. Different from a personality assessment, the E.L.I.™ measures your level of energy based on your attitude and perception of your inner and outer worlds. You can shift your perspective and consciousness by implementing the personal insights gained from the E.L.I.™ combined with follow up 21 day journal program. Learn to purposely direct your energy, and as a result, shape the world around you and how you experience life. 

The E.L.I.™ is a powerful tool...are you’re ready for it!?! 

an energy assessment will ILLUMINATE YOUR BLIND SPOTS!

Are you aching for a breakthrough? a new perspective on personal growth?

to finally make the shift that raises your consciousness and helps you find some balance?

do you want...

already on a personal development path and ready for a deeper dive?

are you...

that you never have enough time for the things that truly bring you joy?

do you find...

who is this for?

— Elle f. 

"Even as an advanced student on the path of personal development, the ELI™ with Jeanie has opened up greater awareness for me in all of my personal interactions, especially with my team. Her energy is such a gift!"

step three

After our call, you will receive a recap of what we discussed along with a 21 day writing program that takes you through a journey of the levels. The thought provoking journal prompts will have you challenging your limiting beliefs and exposing the powerful ways that you can change your own life. 

 Level Up in 21 Days

step two

Our debrief call is where we take a deep dive into different types of energy, your unique energetic makeup, and how you can shift your energy to shape the world around you and how you experience life. We will also discuss how to continue your journey to higher consciousness. 


step one

Ready to jump in? We will have a brief discovery call to determine where you are looking to improve. You will then be sent an invitation to take the assessment. Get comfortable and answer the questions when you can focus without distractions. It only takes about 30 minutes and be sure to answer based on what is true for you not how you aspire to be. 


The Assessment Process:

i'm ready for this.

Powerful insights on how you influence the world around you & can build a better you from the inside out.

you'll leave with:

This is an investment in yourself. The E.L.I.™ is a powerful tool and is even more transformative with my 21 Days to Leveling Up journaling program.

Empowering debrief session

2 Additional sessions to learn how to work with your unique energetic makeup

21-Day journal program to continue your exploration 


signature E.L.I.™  package

— Cheryl B. 

"Taking the ELI with Jeanie really made it clear to me that I usually lead with negative energy - I can't wait to start leading with positive energy!"

— Shawna P.

"Not only was the ELI™  eye opening for me but Jeanie's insights really helped me understand how to use this new information to shift how I'm experiencing my life."

— Geno F.

“Jeanie brings a real sense of balance, insight & honesty to anyone who is coached by her and she brings that same insight into the ELI™ .



5 stars all around

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