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How to Set a Boundary 

Compassion Fatigue...It's a Thing!

8 Ways to Cultivate More Self-Love

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Clearly we understand being energized or tired.  We either have the physical energy to do something or we don’t. 
When we are feeling sad, we have low energy. 
When we are jazzed, we have high energy. 
We throw out things like, “they have good/bad energy,” but what does that even mean? 
We understand what it means in an abstract way, but how do we define it tangibly?

woman holding up the moon as a lense to look through


What Everyone Should Know About Energy

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Difficult conversations take clarity about what you hope for the outcome and some simple phrasing hacks to create an environment where everyone feels heard. Check out this article for 7 tips on how to approach difficult conversations.

two people having a difficult conversation over coffee


How To Approach Difficult Conversations

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Self-improvement can be confusing. Here are 7 tips to help you determine exactly how and where to start on your personal development journey.

van embarking on a journey


How to Kick Start Your Personal Development Journey

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Self-love expressed creatively and intuitively. This article shares an empowerment technique that releases self judgment and ushers in creativity.

bright colored intuitive abstract painting


Get Out of Your Head To Heal Creatively

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To practice acceptance while maintaining boundaries we must first break down the limiting beliefs that acceptance means complicity & that setting boundaries is aggressive.


How to Practice Acceptance While Maintaining Boundaries

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How Our Screens Are Keeping Us Connected and Tearing Us Apart I love activism and hope that we are all actively trying to improve the world around us at least in some way. I do not, however, love the call-out/cancel culture that has come out of clicktivism – keyboard empowerment. This isn’t to say that […]

activist woman speaking into megaphone


Reality Bytes Series: Activism

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 “Let’s stop thinking about giving as just this moral obligation and start thinking of it as a source of pleasure” -Elizabeth Dunn In America, we are in-between the holidays of Thanksgiving & Christmas and I know that these holidays can be looked at through a lens of tragedy, colonized history, paganism & Christianity but today […]


When Gratitude Isn’t Enough Step Into Generosity

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I, the Rock, I the River, I the Tree I am yours–your Passages have been paid.Lift up your faces, you have a piercing needFor this bright morning dawning for you.History, despite its wrenching pain,Cannot be unlived, and if facedWith courage, need not be lived again. Lift up your eyes uponThe day breaking for you.Give birth […]


5 Ways to Reconnect After Conflict

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“Impermanence is a principle of harmony. When we don’t struggle against it, we are in harmony with reality.” – Pema Chödrön  As we are in or approaching fall, it is a perfect time to revisit the topic of impermanence. Wikipedia says that impermanence is “ known as the philosophical problem of change…” and I find […]



How to Embrace Impermanence

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Sometimes the only thing left to master in your circumstance is learning to simply let it suck. I’m pretty sure Brene Brown calls this “embracing the suck” and after I write this I fully intend to sink my teeth into some BB content. For the last three years, I’ve been called to caregive for my […]


Sometimes a Pint of Ice Cream IS The Answer