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How to Set a Boundary 

Compassion Fatigue...It's a Thing!

8 Ways to Cultivate More Self-Love

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Self-advocacy is something I talk about and teach, but how can we advocate for ourselves when we don’t even have self-trust? In fact, I believe we are oftentimes unaware of how little trust we have in ourselves. Self-abandonment can easily happen to anyone but I would say it is easy for American women.  As children, […]

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5 Ways to Build Self-Trust

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If you’ve somehow missed it, I just had a birthday. This year was a milestone – I turned 40! This year, something incredible happened. Typically New Year’s is the time I reflect on the past and plan for the future. This milestone birthday felt like New Year’s to me, so I spent quite a bit […]

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How Self-Forgiveness Leads to Empowerment & Celebration

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It started to feel like we were moving towards “normalcy” and putting pandemic fears behind us, but the Delta Variant is reminding us to embrace impermanence.

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The Delta Variant and Embracing Impermanence

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Caregivers often feel isolated. Unable to talk about their struggles with others because putting the emotional weight into words feels futile. They feel like they are in it alone, and often feel like a victim of circumstance or blame themselves for their problems.


Caregiver Resilience: How to Stay Strong When Your Loved One Isn’t

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This is my story and I think it’s important to know that there is no magical straight answer on what to do when your loved one is self-destructive, but learning to detach is certainly a great place to start! I grew up in a family of mostly women.  My mom was a single mom to […]

woman covering her eyes because she needs a break from her self-destructive loved one


How To Detach When Someone You Love Is Self-Destructive

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We so easily skip over the small wins but exhaust ourselves complaining about minor inconveniences.⁠⁠ Giving less energy to dreading our tasks curbs overwhelm.

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How Celebrating Small Wins Curbs Persistent Overwhelm

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Clearly we understand being energized or tired.  We either have the physical energy to do something or we don’t. 
When we are feeling sad, we have low energy. 
When we are jazzed, we have high energy. 
We throw out things like, “they have good/bad energy,” but what does that even mean? 
We understand what it means in an abstract way, but how do we define it tangibly?

woman holding up the moon as a lense to look through


What Everyone Should Know About Energy

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Your inner sh*t-talker is one of the most powerful forces in your life. It is a master manipulator that will make you believe that you are not good enough, talented enough, or worthy enough to do something important.

The inner sh*t-talker can also make you doubt yourself when it comes to the most important relationships in your life — your marriage, family, and friends.

scared inner child dressed as a clown and acting as the inner sh*t talker


It’s Time to Debunk Your Inner Sh*t Talker

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Difficult conversations take clarity about what you hope for the outcome and some simple phrasing hacks to create an environment where everyone feels heard. Check out this article for 7 tips on how to approach difficult conversations.

two people having a difficult conversation over coffee


How To Approach Difficult Conversations

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As a coach, I am partnering with my clients on their goals & objectives. Whereas, a therapist focuses on past traumas & behavioral concerns.

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Therapist or life coach, which one is right for me?